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Equipping and Developing Hope in Families.

Join us Saturday’s online only, at 6PM!

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Join us Saturday's online only, at 6PM!

Freedom Generation Church provides a welcoming help in the community. That includes un-churched people by revealing the Lord through your hands, through your feet, and through your heart and lives.

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Meet the Pastors.

Seon & Teresa Smith

Lead Pastors


I am from Trinidad & Tobago. I grew up in Laventille a very hard part of the Country. I left Trinidad at 18 years old to work on a cruise ship, and at the time I was practicing Islam. I came to Seattle, WA while on a break from the cruise ship and it was there that I met Jesus. He told me to follow him and when I did my life instantly changed. That was back in 1999. From that time until now I have seen the power and the hand of the Lord on my life. I have served many churches and ministries in a variety of ways and have started outreach ministries, seeing lots of people coming and recommitting their lives to the Lord. I met my wife, Teresa, a few years later and we have now been married for 17 years and continue to grow in the Lord as one. Teresa has continued to give love to people through prayer, listening and loving with the love of God. Through life’s ups and downs we have continued to see the Lord transform our own lives. We have seven children three girls and four boys.  We as Freedom Generation Church pastors are here to serve you.

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